Dancing Under One Sun


“Beloveds, as we come together in sacred space with our love, prayers and divine invocations for our brothers and sisters in Japan, it is important that we all stay healthy so that we may be sound vessels to transmit healing energy.

I wanted to share that cilantro, yes cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley counters radiation! It chelates heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, and lead out of the . Put it in your green smoothies, salads, or make cilantro pesto. Whatever you do just stay healthy. We have miles to go before we sleep; and sacred promises to keep.”

Namonyah Soipan
Center For Sacred Dialogue

Years ago I produced an arts festival called “Under One Sun” which highlighted the cultural connections and intersections in Los Angeles. If we still hadn’t realized that “yes, we are truly living under one sun”, here in California we are experiencing that in real terms. Some parts of Northern California have been evacuated and there are real concerns for the long-lasting effects of the fallout from radiation.

With all the panic of ill winds blowing our way, it’s time to call the healers to come together, to share their knowledge and words, and for all of us to do the necessary prayers and rituals as we must all take responsibility to heal the land and ourselves.

Living green is not a fad, green jobs, not a political promise or cliche…living green is a lifestyle…embodied and sustained in the traditional Native way of “living for the Seventh Generation”. What a different world it would be if our societies  organized around that way of living.

Years ago I was on a macrobiotic diet and it was while on that diet that I learned about the unique quality of sea vegetables and miso soup. What are sea veggies? Well, Nori is one kind of sea veggie that most are familiar with…it’s the wrap that holds your sushi together! As one of my teachers, Namonyah Soipan, mentioned above about cilantro,  sea vegetables, also have the ability to chelate heavy metals out of the body. After WWII, medical studies done after the bomb was dropped in Japan  found that those that eat a diet high in sea veggies and fermented soy beans (miso/tempeh), had less effects of radiation and lower rates of cancer.

I share with you all some natural sources of Iodine and links to other health products. All of the products mentioned below are available at “health” food stores and can be incorporated into your healthy lifestyle on a regular basis.  Please note that these products should be organic, especially any soy products, which personally I would use sparingly.

Sea Vegetables:
Kelp/Kombu, Nori, Irish Moss, Dulse, Agar Agar, Wakame, Arame, Hijiki, Super Blue Green Algae, Chlorella

(Queen Afua spoke about the healing property of clay in her book, “Sacred Woman”)

Green & Vegetable Drinks:
…add your own!
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