SPRING CLEANING: A Zen Moment: Creating the Space For Relaxation and Romance

SPRING CLEANING: A Zen Moment:    Tulips       Creating the Space For Relaxation and Romance (excerpt from “Touch, The Language of Massage, How To Speak It”)

A cluttered mind, creates a restless mind, creates a cluttered home that fosters cluttered, restless relationships. Junk the clutter in your home, it’s an energy drain and there’s nothing romantic about stepping over boxes and dirty clothes, reaching over dirty dishes, wading through paper, magazines or stuff, to get to the bedroom, the floor (can you even see the floor?) or to the massage table!

The Universe operates on order and so should the universe of your home. If the body is our temple, then our homes should be the altar and sanctuary that feeds that temple with a sensual palate of relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration. Dr. Sunyatta Amen, a Naturopathic MD, says our health liberation needs to take place in every place in the house (the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc). The result; healthy food, healthy elimination and good circulation that produces stimulated, healthy minds and bodies that results in stimulating, healthy relationships and good sex!

There should be at least one space, (besides the bathroom) where everyone can have some peace and quiet to themselves, (to pray, meditate and quiet their minds and eyes from the stress and over stimulation of the day).  If you have a patio, balcony or backyard all the better to sit out and enjoy some fresh air. Under the right circumstances and away from preying eyes, (watch out for the neighbors-you don’t want to end up on You Tube!) that may be just the ritual space you need to share with your spouse as you give them a massage. There is something sexy, sensual and freeing about being outside when you’re giving a massage or making love! Give your bodies a sun or air bath. Feel the wind, the sun or the rain, on your skin, as you feel your mate’s skin rubbing against your skin. Now let your hands and imaginations do the rest!

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One Response to SPRING CLEANING: A Zen Moment: Creating the Space For Relaxation and Romance

  1. I completely agree with this. I’ve always had a problem with organization (extreme OCD), and I know that I feel 100% better when things in my life are orderly. Like you said, it’s been essential that I have one space that’s a hideaway. It’s made all the difference in my world.

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